Scarnox Gel:

PRIMARY CARE / Beauty Line

Scarnox Gel

Is a Canadian made gel that is indicated for the effective prevention & treatment of hypertrophic scars & keloids caused by surgery, trauma, burns and acne.

Scarnox Gel provides effective occlusion & hydration of the stratum corneum & outer layer of the epidermis reducing scar formation through the unique dual action mechanism:

Quadri Occlusion TM achieved through the effect of the unique combination of Pullulan, Sodium Hylurinate, Aloe Vera and Glycofilm

Cell Renovation & Skin Rejuvenation hence effectively diminishes scarring through improving skin hydration with its moisturizing effect, stimulating epithelisation, improving oxygenation through neoangiogenesis, regulating collagen synthesis by speeding fibroblasts activity & improving skin contour and providing keratolytic and antioxidant effect.

* Scarnox Gel; being water soluble is non-greasy & does not leave permanent stain on clothing & bedding, unlike silicone based scar products.

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