Ocean Bio Actif – Blocked Nose Spray

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Ocean Bio Actif – Blocked Nose Spray

Is French made nasal spray that contains Opti-ionic marine solution collected from the sea water of Penmarc’h, in the Far South-West of Brittany in France where the complex sea currents are the guarantee of natural mixing, essential for water purity. This is also a shellfish breeding area where microorganisms are strictly controlled.

* The collected sea water undergoes a series of filtration steps, sensorial and microbial assessments to ensure the high purity of the Opti – ionic marine solution.

The opti- ionic marine solution is a moderately hypertonic solution, 1.5 g/Liter, and due to its higher osmolarity than intracellular cell, it has a decongestant and mucolytic properties making it an excellent choice for sufferers from cold, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis for patients aged 3 years and above.

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