Your Gate to the Middle East Pharmaceutical Market


NovoSci is an international Healthcare organization partnering with around 32 international pharmaceutical companies from the US, Europe, and Asia the partnership that was established based on our strong presence in many countries across the Middle East and Africa region with experienced field force, marketing expertise, market access, and management teams to promote very well selected products, that offer the patients innovative solutions for their health problems in different therapy areas like Ophthalmology, skin beauty, Dermatology, Nasal Care, Food supplement, Pain Management, and OTC products.


Beauty Line

We offer an amazing solution for skin dryness through U. Life range of Italian products. Moreover, Scarnox®, a patent product in Canada and Europe, represents an excellent solution for scar management through a unique combination of ingredients that ensure the needed efficacy.

Food Supplement Line

We help patients with Vitamin D insufficiency and Iron deficiency through very unique products that are not only manufactured with the latest technology ensuring better absorption but also presented in a very attractive route of administration, hence ensure faster clinical outcomes and better users’ adherence.

GIT Line

We are pleased to offer patients suffering from various GIT problems a unique solution presented in different dosage forms to cure gastric mucosa abnormalities in different sites of the GIT.

Nasal Care Line

We help patients suffering from nasal congestion, nasal dryness, nasal bleeds, crust formation and children suffering from winter diseases to get fast relief from symptoms using the power of Sea Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Ascophyllum nodosum extract.

Ophthalmology Line

We present a diversified portfolio of eye products with unique composition to help more patients and eye doctors.

Pain Management Line

We offer Pain Management Solutions in the form of locally applied plasters that offer not only fast pain relief and better patients’ convenience but also minimizing the common side effects of orally administered medications.

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